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Recently, I joined Arashi community in Thailand and also happened to join the subbing team!
My responsibility is to translate the video to Thai language and pass it to subber...
Well, for the time being, I always thought it was not an easy job.
Now I realized that it wasn't easy and it's like a pain!!! T-T
I spent hours just to get 12 mins movie done! Yabai~ My bad! 
For a person like me who hates typing...this is totally awful!

Hora, don't get me wrong yet. It's all becuz I have to develop myself :)
I still love to do this ♡ for the love of arashi and fandom ♡♡

I'd just like to thank all the translators and subbers for your hardwork and sacrifice.
I found it myself how hard the things are!
Domo arigatougozaimasu~
m(_ _)m

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21 May 2009 @ 01:38 am
 For years, I've been wanting to write a blog and...here comes the first one.

Like everyone, I also had my New Year plan and one of them is to have my own blog.
Is it supposed to happen on January? Ah..I guess May is still the first half! 
It's never too late to start doing something, right?
And I'm glad I started it on just one ordinary day

Okay, now I'm just an absolute rookie for this thing! 
Every time I find myself so dull at technology, I feel old!
I used to be better  I reckon :(
Gotta spend some times learning how to use this whole thing.
Hope this is not the first and the last post for me!!!
God bless.

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